Art and wine have a long-standing and intricate connection that spans history, culture, and social practices. Wine has been a subject in art for centuries, appearing in paintings, literature, and even music. Many famous artists, such as Caravaggio, Velázquez, and Picasso, have featured wine in their works, reflecting its role in daily life, celebration, and ritual.

Dancing Water - is about the art of beautiful wine. Passionate about art and how it could be incorporated into our brand, Kim collaborated with Michelle Reid to produce the labels and with local artist Olivia Barnes to capture the vineyard and winery building.

And one of New Zealand’s leading contemporary artists, Wayne Youle, who also happens to live up the road from the vineyard, has created an art installation telling our special story. 

“Wayne created a series of visual pieces, one of which was a heart to symbolise my passion for the vineyard and a swan (based on the swans on the property) that represent my approach to making and selling wine.”

He is also assisting with the restoration of the Winery Building, which will be an art gallery with space for private tastings by appointment.

Philip Trusttum - The Colombo Art Takeover

For the month of June, The Colombo retail centre will be completely taken over by original paintings by celebrated artist Philip Trusttum. We were honoured to collaborate with Deborah McCormick and the team at The Colombo to replicate the charm of Dancing Water, and provide our beautiful range of wines for guests on the night of the premiere art showing.

Philip Trusttum is an Icon of New Zealand Painting, and One of Our Most Prolific Artists.

Having Painted Almost Non-stop Since His Days in Art School at the University of Canterbury in the S, Trusttum Has Contributed Thousands of Works That Have Been a Common Sight in New Zealand’s Most Prestigious Art Galleries.

Left: 'Glint' by Michelle Reid

Michelle Reid is an artist based in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland who explores atmosphere aesthetics and emotional spaces. Reid is interested in the smudging of space between locatable and lyrical references.

Her current body of work draws on pattern, romanticism and modern environmentalism and uses an eclectic mix of research, intuition, and materiality, often dissolved in a composition of watercolours, oils, ink or occasionally organic fugitives.

In 2020 we began working with NZ artist Michelle Reid and her drawings became wine labels for our art series range.